Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Link Building

Shayla Does It can help increase traffic to your website and improve your relevance to search engines. If you would like to attract new customers with your website, it will benefit from search engine optimization and link building services. SEO will increase traffic to your website by going through the necessary steps to make your website appear more relevant to search engines and increasing your appearance in search results. Link Building will continue drawing traffic to your website by building backlinks, earning a higher search engine rank, and increasing the authority and popularity of your site. 

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   Why does SEO take time to show results?  

   Just because you build it doesn't mean they will come!

Logo & Graphic Design

We can design logos, advertisements, newsletters, videos, and more. Your design will be created wit professional software and saved in the format your project requires. Logos are the starting point of brand recognition for your business but it must be the right logo. Shayla Does It can create a logo that will be visually pleasing and professional. You will be able to use your business logo on all paperwork and marketing materials. We also design advertisements that can be used for printed materials or online marketing campaigns. Check out some examples of our design work:

Shayla Does It Marketing Services in Oklahoma City has many of your digital marketing needs covered; from seo link building services to graphic design. We are not just a web design company. We know how important your time as a business owner is, so we strive to provide local no-hassle digital marketing services and will do all the work for you, unlike our competitors. Navigating the numerous online marketing companies can be confusing. We are a small, local marketing company existing as an alternative to the large, impersonal corporations. We go above and beyond the normal expectations of digital marketing services in Oklahoma City.

Here are some of the advantages of using Shayla Does It over other marketing companies in OKC:

  • Lower rates and options to meet your needs

  • Personal reviews and local followers provided

  • Short-term contracts available

  • One-on-one personal service

    • no switching of account managers

    • always available by phone or email

    • one expert manages your entire account and online presence


We know that our competitors' rates are higher, and that is our niche - we're local, affordable, and effective yet small, which means better customer service for you and better results for your business. Our services easily pay for themselves! 

Shayla Does It offers a free consultation to identify your business needs, audience, and marketing strategies to help you accomplish your goals. Once we have discussed your project, we will provide a free estimate for you to review. Contact Us to get started! Described below is the wide range of digital marketing services we offer and examples of our work.

Our Services

Web Design

Shayla Does It makes web design easy for you. We can create and host a new website or online store. We can also improve and maintain your current website or blog page. During the creation process we will gather information that you want to relay in your website, choose the best domain name for your business, and then Shayla Does It will do the rest! You will have the opportunity to review your website and changes will be made until you are happy. In addition to web design, our team can update your website when changes occur. 

Here are some of the websites we created or currently maintain:

Examples of our email campaigns:

Yukon Vet's The Furball Flyer

​​Springtime with Shayla Does It

Let Shayla Does It marketing services

Do all the

work for you

and see results!

Social Media Marketing

From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram - your customers are on social media, is your business? Many small business owners don't have the time or knowledge to promote their business consistently on social media, but it's vital in order to become successful. Shayla Does It Marketing Services is a local Oklahoma business that can bring immediate results for a low monthly fee. We would love to create a better online reputation for your business that will increase your exposure to local folks and in turn increase your sales. We do all the work and research so you can be as involved as you want to be!
Social media is very important to your online marketing plan for 2 reasons:  

  • SEO - In addition to onsite seo and offsite seo, Google takes social media into account when forming page rankings, mostly in the form of links and activity. This is commonly referred to around the web as “link juice”. If you have a lot of link juice from different social media sites that consistently link to your website, you will be creating an ongoing flow of traffic which contributes towards your Google ranking. Google also takes into account the reviews you receive on social media accounts - the more the better, especially positive ones.
  • Engagement - Social media is important to create and maintain relationships with local folks and customers, and it's where most people go to learn more about your business, second to your website. Consistency and engagement are keys to a successful social media page! Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc... are like word-of-mouth advertising as long as you have the right audience. We create a better online reputation for your business that will increase your exposure to local folks and in turn increase your sales over time. 

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    Online Marketing is Like a B.L.T.

It is vital for your business to reach out to current and new clients on a consistent basis with an effective digital marketing plan.

Don't have the time or know-how? Let Shayla Does It Marketing Services do it for you! Contact us for a free consultation and price estimate.

Email Marketing

We design and send emails to your client email database Promote sales, events, specials, newsletters, new blogs, and much more! Let Shayla Does It propose an email marketing campaign that will obtain the best results for your business. Emails are an easy way to get customers returning back for more by providing consistency, variety, value, and fun stuff. After we discover the needs of your business, we will work out the right email campaign; be it an informative and fun e-newsletter or advertising a special or discount.

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